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71 - 100 of 100
61 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 43 - 62
I'm looking for a soulmate to restart life together, forgetting the past and living for the future. I would wish, as far as possible, to spend the second half of my life being energetic and cheerful, trying to live life to the fullest. We should not bend easily and be troubled by triffled thoughts and unnecessary stress. I'm a hopeless romantic, though I'm not sure if that's a blessing or a curse, however since this is part of who I am, I feel inclined to see the world through a pair of rose coloured glasses.......... We cannot dwell in the past or judge others by theirs, we can only take each other at face value and give trust till they show they don't deserve it. I am a people person and being on my own as I have is not my idea of life's fullfilment. I believe we are all social animals and we crave positive, connective relationships. A healthy relationship helps one's confidence and ability to grow as a resilient person. I am basically a simple lady, I live a simple but comfortable life. I am past wanting materialistic things to complete my life, I have had all that when I was younger and now I look for inner peace, good health, true love, emotional stability. I am loving, caring, considerate, fun to be with (so or i'm told), honest and prefer to be frank and direct in my approach, but i mean well. I'm quiet by nature and am a good listener, but will open up with the right person. I enjoy the good things in life, I like fine dining but am also happy at the local food stalls. I should also add that I don't believe people need to have a Luis Vuitton handbag to be somebody or that non-stop attention to a smartphone / Android / tablet (Ipad) / notebook is as important as breathing....
33 Gombak Setia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 32 - 39
Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim. Assalamualaikum, may peace and blessings be upon you. InsyaAllah I have registered here for marriage only and i would like to experience how it is life being a wife and a mother, performing the biggest sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH and along the way end up in a place for good people insyaAllah where rivers flow beneath the feet, amin ya rabbal alamin. My 26 years in duniya has made and taught me to understand life`s ups and downs (thanks to beloved mom and dad) and I have always been in a happy mood because I have understand the reasons why things happen in life and I do feel the love of why Allah lets something great or sad to happen, I rather call it tests in life to be learned with patience and excel with ibadah (InsyaAllah for Akhirat and Jannah), although I may sound serious but i`m more of an easy going person, adventurous at heart (I ride a bike to work, dislikes traffic, save time & fuel ^_^ and actually I hope to fine someone who likes bikes too), fun, bubbly, cute, caring, loving and optimistic and punctual. Besides that I can be spontaneous (in food selection and travelling time mostly), sometimes i can also be a little quiet but actually im full of surprises! :) In April 1988, I was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My family are Malays and I stay with my 2 brothers who, my older brother graduated in Pharmacy and my younger brother graduated in Accountancy and at home all of us speak malay most of the time and sometimes english too. My family is considered a middle-class family, religious, and considered open-minded. My mom is very cool, loving and cute while dad has always been loving and my best listener of all time ^_^ love them to bits! I`m eager to perform marriage in following of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad biggest Sunnah (peace and blessings be upon him), my sincere niat is just to be a great wife and mother (InsyaAllah one day, amin) I will do it wholeheartedly and want to try my best because I just cant wait to see and feel that priceless warm feeling inside to hearing the laughter of hubby and kids ^_^ ~MasyaAllah 3 In 2012, I studied Interior Architecture in the local International University and have graduated in July. After a month, I applied for a job and have been working as an Interior Designer in a well established company since then. For me, education is important as it is also considered as an ibadah, Allah loves those who strive to get knowledge for the survival of the life for duniya and akhirat. Let the Islamic way of life change us into being educated, successful, respected, yet caring, happy and loving people ^_^ During my free time, I love to hear & read the Holy Quran in Arabic and try to understand the translation, do my zikir, watch religious shows, discussions and talks, know more about the Hadith and ways for certain ibadah (how it`s done –to follow the Sunnah and how to do it better- like how the Prophet Muhammad PBUH does it) and I keep a journal for my religious studies and from time to time. Furthermore, on some days I’ll be designing pieces of furnitures, any space inside a house or a house using my 3Ds Max software or by hand-sketching, I love to paint digitally via ArtRage 2.0 (mostly abstract & colorful paintings), make sculptural lamps with mineral bottles and other interesting recyclable stuff, love to go out for a chill nature ride on my bike (to a nearby waterfall, park, museum, etc.) feeling the breeze and smell of grass..btw about movies, I prefer to watch movies at home, I like it more at home with lots of food ^_^ *yum! Also you get to change the movie if it`s not interesting (and it’s a plus cause I can always pause for salah and nature call breaks). Music and singing has been the way I express myself so I do sing quite often (^_^) and I love to do it especially when I cook (add it with some dance moves too! LOL) I can cook anything as long as I have all the ingredients and a recipe in front of me LOL. Just in case if you were wondering, I`m not a shopaholic but I do shop from time to time and it`s only the essentials because I always remember that what I have now is more than enough compared to the poor. I am very thankful to Allah for what He has cherished me with in this life (ups and downs) and always remember to be kind to myself, my family, other people and creatures too. Also on my free time I love to sew beadings on my dresses, love to redecorate/arranging furnitures in the house for a different look and feel, love gardening and looking at green leaves and beautiful flowers, and traveling… Alhamdulillah I have been to Japan, Australia and Singapore. Also, from time to time I also love to get involved with charity to the orphanage and volunteering work at the national zoo(I just love the animals ^_^) P/s: During this free time, when I get married, I would love to share it with my partner and hope he`d have the same likings too. InsyaAllah 3 As a person, I am a Muslim woman who is creative, loving, kind, fun, adventurous, bright, optimistic, fun & easy to be around, funny, ambitious, passionate, confident, spontaneous, love challenges, new experiences and new good things to learn. InsyaAllah, I hope to find someone who will understand and treats me well like how I will ^_^

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