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49 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 36 - 48
Religion: Buddhist
 Meraphi is my name the star display fortunes and prosperity. The planet mercury and venus were moving in the positive direction to achieve all my desires and dreams in life. E- everyone is my best and special friend, energetic, sports minded, excellent care giver and educator, caring , honest, loving, sincere, romantic , responsible, hardworking, kind, generous, loyal, trustworthy and religious. R- realistic and optimistic to fulfill task or anything that is important and vital related to my profession. Be persistent and keep moving striving to overcome the sea of sufferings and triumph over hardship. A-acceptance and deep understanding is the key to become a better person. In life we may face a lot of criticism, embarrassment and appreciation. As a person I take it positively and the learning experience we gain is the building stone for a brighter future. P- people think that life is a journey and for me I consider life is an adventure. The joy , excitement , laughter, pain, sadness and loneliness is the great and amazing ingredients in life. Keep moving, hoping, striving and work hard to reach all aspirations in life. H- HAPPINESS awaits for everyone one of us, rich , wealthy, poor and under privileged. The best thing we can do is to have A PURE AND SINCERE HEART our life is like a diamond coated with so many dirt of our past karma. But we can change ones bad destiny through good causes at this present lifetime and sincere prayer to our Almighty Father In Heaven. I – In life don’t give up nor surrender whatever crossroads you take and difficulties…keep going and soar high UP IN THE SKY spread your wings and be victorious and challenge what comes along the way. All of us deserve such happiness , satisfaction and fulfillment. We have a special gift , talent and skills use them faithfully and honestly. One day, you and family will be proud of YOU. Your friends , relatives and neighbors will look up you as the Most Successful Person in the whole wide world.
42 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
Religion: Buddhist
Just me! simple person ...as you can view on my picture... :P The Heart and Mind : - 'Open your heart and blessings will come your way. be joyful every day, and your heart will be at ease.' 真,善,美 - 心善则美, 心真则诚, 心慈则柔,心净则明' ~ 具柔軟的心, 常微笑, 深通人 When someone is angry they just want to be alone…. When someone alone they keep wondering to have someone When someone is bored they look for entertainment… When someone is upset they are un happy and distress When someone is crazy their looking for something… When someone can’t find something they are hopeless….. When someone disappointed they feel hurt….. When someone get hurt they used to cry alone …. When someone crying ….they just want the tears fade the pain When someone being ignore they feel they are dumped When someone is failed they looses their hope…. When someone discriminated they feel so unfairly judge When someone betrayed by someone their looking for their chance to do same…. When someone loose the faith they hate to trust again Have you ever felt this? This is normal….if you feel those things in life your great…. coz your perfectly created by god…..get hurt,,, get angry,,, get disappointed,,,, get upset,,,, … Sometimes hopeless,, sometimes crazy,,, sometimes loosing faith,,, Sometimes keep asking why? Never have a doubt everything in this world is planned And whatever come in your way every single minute of your life Your lucky being what you are… ……….a human…the most perfectly created by god… One day you’ll be amaze those things is just a way to life And get back your smile again And you’ll feel better…. It's not the things we get but the hearts we touch that will determine our success in life. Making a difference in the lives of others is what we choose... The significance of our life will be determined by the choices we make. We can choose positive over negative, smiles over frowns, giving over talking and love over hate. It is only when we take responsibility for our choices that we begin to realize we truly are the masters of our fate. Only then will our lives begin to change for the better. 在真正的人生中,我们永远不知道下一步会发生什么事, 很可能就是下一刻发生的事, 整个改变了我们的人生方向, 在一瞬间展现出另一副人生面貌. 人生注定于你做决定的那一刻. 人生处处都是顺境或是逆竟 。。。 你要决定怎汕看? 想 和做。 每一个决定都必须以现实为依据, 而不是基于“它应该是” 或 “我希望它是” 之观念。 Might to share all this with ??? All the best to you ... Good luck!



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