Malaysian Women Seeking a Serious Relationship with Brown Hair

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58 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 48 - 60
Hair color: Brown
I am someone who would choose wit over looks. For me a good conversation always stimulates the soul. I am not looking for profiles that say - "attractive, loyal and honest, looking for honest and sincere" because that means almost nothing, what else can one say? I am not sure why men do not write about real aspects of themselves but doing it the way you are is keeping the right people away. I can’t tell from reading men’s profiles how they are different from each other. The profiles are identical and say nothing that allows a woman to discover in you what she needs. To hold my attention, I'd like to hear five things about yourself that are truly you, no matter how nutty they sound. Maybe you think it doesn’t matter, that women are just materialistic anyway. That’s not true but what else did you give her to think about? Many men consider it weak and unsexy to articulate their needs so they just hunt for “superficial qualities” instead because it’s easier. But unless you’re training women to judge you on looks and how much you earn, try creating a real profile that will also get rid of 99% of the people out there who incessantly annoy you so that the right 1% with whom you’re going to have a fantastic life, like me, can find you. Meantime, I write, read, meditate and advocate for human rights. I like the beach, music, art and architecture. I do things that I can do by myself, even going to movies, because I’m not dependent on another person for my happiness. Likewise, I can’t say that I complete you or fill all the dark holes in your life but I bet I can add something that you don’t have now. That’s what I’m looking for from you, too--what can we add to each other that we don’t have now? ". I would not hover over your daily doings but I would be totally committed to our relationship and be supportive of your dreams. I can also be good counsel. Attention and caring is one thing, smothering a person with jealousy and insecurity is another. Love, friendship, marriage....all these things eventually come down to teamwork.
33 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Seeking: Male 24 - 32
Hair color: Brown
tHiNgS AbOuT mE :- 1) simple girl, manje, happy go lucky but dont ever try bagi aku marah coz u'll regret..tp kdg2 i ni brutal gak..biasa le..dulu penah jd tomboy..sedikit sebyk mesti lekat gak perangai kasar 2..but i'm trying to be a good woman..hehe.. 2) suke dress & bj yg cute2..xkisah mahal ke murah ke asalkn ikut citarasa eksklusif minah cerewet ni..;p 3) suke high heels, wedges, snickers..yg ni pun xkisah mahal ke murah asalkn cun!tp slalunye high heels & wedges beli kt vincci..& br2 ni b'jinak2 dgn snickers & slippers.. 4) suke handbag & purse..pun xkisah asalkn lawa..tp slalu beli kt carlo rino, vincci, sembonia, guess.. 5) i love gadget!dh de mp4, iphone, lappy Acer Aspire 1825PTZ, nokia E72, nokia X6, nokia C6, motorola V9...skrg kalau de duit lebih nk beli latest blackberry & ipad2.. 6) i ni very peramah & likeable..kadang2 childish skit but i'm also firm person especially when to make a decision about my career&life.. 7) suke western food & chinese food...suke fruit juice & sky juice(awek muda) tp xsuke kopi, nescafe, cappucino, mocha or seangkatannye..blh muntah walaupun terasa sikit je..tp suke bau die je especially time sakit perut..mmg bau je kopi rasa lega sikit perut ni.. 8) suke baca novel..especially about cinta..kdg2 i blh nangis, ketawa sorg..slalu letakkn diri sbg watak utama..m'hayati sungguh!haha.. 9) suke melancong, jln2..ikut ati & poket (kalau de byk duit ler) kaki ni mana reti dok diam, dok rmh je..minat ligat ni..hehe..teringin nk explore 1 dunia..tgk tmpt org, keadaan diaorg, pemandangan..dlm ati ni t'tanam 1 impian yg 1 hr nnti mesti nk jejakkn kaki di Paris, Italy & Netherland(Belanda).. So,anything else?just pm me..tq..



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